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We are in a 10,000 sq. ft build right off 25A south of Botkins.

We offer Physical Therapy, Sports Enhancement Training, Workout classes, limited gym memberships and more.

We are excited to have this new clinic for the Botkins community. We have been downtown Botkins since October 2020, but decided we wanted to bring more to the world of sports enhancement training and Physical Therapy to this area. This 100 x 100 ft building has so much to offer. Let us know if we can help!


Located at 200 Commerce Drive, Botkins Ohio 45306
Right off of 25A outside of Botkins

We have 2 private treatment rooms, waiting area, men's and women's bathrooms, a full gym able to be used for our PT patients and athletes. We currently have workout classes, Sports Enhancement training sessions, and PT patients. 

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